Philosophy is a degree, as quoted in the dictionary is “A particular system of philosophical thought”.

Philosophy is a strong major for almost any type of career that deals with people. Using philosophy someone can work through a problem and use logic easier then someone that is untrained.
Philosophy isn’t just a degree. It is a degree that actually changes the way you think and see the world.

As an entrepreneur the philosophy degree allows one to be versatile and to make intelligent decisions. When interviewing the expert in our Q and A, you’ll find that he uses the degree and what he learned a great deal in his business.

As an entrepreneur there needs to be a strong drive to succeed.  Creating a business, running a business and finding your place in the market all come from a powerful drive to succeed.  Creating a business is not easy, and is definitely not for the feint of heart.

Here is what our expert says on his philosophy degree and his success in business.

Edward Corona

Can you tell me about your education?

I originally went to college in the late 80’s to pursue a business degree because I naively thought it would be my ticket to a CEO job upon graduation. I took a gap year after a couple of semesters. In my gap year I interned at a national investment brokerage house and my experience there taught me more about real business than I could ever learn in school. When I returned to school the following year I picked up where I left off majoring in business administration and found that the courses and theories were not a reflection of the real business world.

What made you chose philosophy?

I chose Philosophy because it was in line with my interest and I was able to develop skills that allowed me to be more mindful.

Did you find it hard to apply for jobs with just the Bachelor degree?

I relied more on my entrepreneurial spirit and determination to succeed in business more so than my bachelors degree in the jobs I applied for.

Do you recommend a student to go fourth into professional school?

I would recommend that students should go fourth in school because if nothing else it will open doors and create opportunities that otherwise may not be available however I strongly believe in taking a gap year to get some real work experience.

How did Philosophy train your mind for business?

I switched my major to Philosophy with a minor in Psychology. This taught me the value a critical thinking and how to better understand and read people.

Are you happy you took Philosophy? Do you think if you did succeed that you are one of the lucky few or do most find employment with degree.

As I look back today the business courses they were offered when I attended college are now basically antiquated and useless, however as the CEO of the skills that I have developed from the degree that I obtained in Philosophy I still use to this day.

Are you happy with your job?

 As the founder and CEO of, the leading payment processing provider for the some of most notable IPO’s in the USA I am happy with my accomplishments.