Q & Dr. Rebekah Earnshaw

Dr. Rebekah Earnshaw

Your college has one of the most outstanding Theology Programs in your state. What makes you so outstanding?

1. I think the outstanding nature of our theology program is the manifestation in detail of the outstanding nature of the college: biblical, reformed, engaged with students, the church, and the world, high quality and diverse faculty, connections to ministry and graduate study opportunities, rigorous, equipping students for diverse, holistic, and fruitful service wherever Christ leads. One of the outstanding features of the Reformed tradition is its love for truth and love for faith lived in every sphere. This distinctive is on display clearly in our theology as it shapes all we say and do.

What should a student expect our of your college that is different then the rest of the colleges in the state?

2. We provide theological education within a rich framework of Christian liberal arts education, an education that is Christian in every aspect of contemporary life. They can find the program strengths on the website if they are actually interested in compiling this information. https://www.dordt.edu/academics/undergraduate-programs/4-year-programs/theology/department-profile However, the number of layers and links needed to find such strengths does mean they are hidden.

Most of you have really high graduation rate, how do you achieve that?

3. Each year Dordt College’s Career Development Center surveys the graduating class to find out where they are and what they are doing with their degrees from Dordt. This is known as the First-Destination Report. 99.7% of the 2017 graduates report being employed or enrolled in continuing education opportunities by December 31, 2017.

4. Ask: Will this cultivate my love, knowledge, and service of Jesus? By God’s grace, a theology degree at Dordt will answer yes, yes, and yes.